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Q: My contribution does not fit to a Call of Papers from the journal, may I submit it nevertheless?

Yes! Your contribution will be reviewed as all other submitted articles but will be published (if accepted) in the next regular issue.


Q: Which rights of a publication belong to whom?

Because this journal does not aim covering financial objectives, authors do not hand over the Copyright. The authors only transfer the non-exclusive right of unlimited access in time to the journal. If a re-edited version of an article is handed in to another journal the author needs to asure these rights for this journal with the new publishers in advance. All articles are published under the Creatives Commons License: Attribution (by).


Q: Is the journal and its articles accesible via DOI or URN?

The issues are listed at URN, most of the articles have also been listed – The listing at DOI is currently work in progress.


Q: Why have some names of individual reviewers been replaced with N.N.?

Traditionally, names of reviewers are not published but the journal would like to give thanks to the reviewers who contribute on a freelancing basis. To take care of the personal rights the journal asks the reviewrs for allowance. If this is not available, than reviewers are anonymized by Nomen Nominandum (N.N.).

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