Full Issue 2010/2(1)


Honekamp I: Is the time ripe for a journal for young researchers in Germany?. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-08.

Research Articles (peer reviewed)

Müller N: Environmental Impacts on Health - A multilevel analysis on the effect of household characteristics on self-rated health. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-112.

Kraft S: Bismarck or Beveridge? A comparative analysis of the systems impacts on labor market, pension level, old-age poverty and pension distribution. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-105.

Ströher A: The electronic health record (EHR) in Austria - An evaluation in terms of functional user requirements. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-28.

Case Study (peer reviewed)

Habermann H: Financial Development in Mexico between 1975 and 2009. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-60.

Short Paper (peer reviewed)

Grobys K: Correlation versus Cointegration: Do Cointegration based Index-Tracking Portfolios perform better? Evidence from the Swedish Stock-Market. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-124.

Work Reports

Mitzlaff M: Supporting self-help in change projects - Why coaching is a reasonable help in change projects. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-74.

Gülker S: Autonomous, but uncertain - New leadership positions have only marginally altered the career system in the German research. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-1-88.

URL: http://www.nachwuchswissenschaftler.org/2010/1/

URN: nbn:de:0253-2010-14