Full Issue 2010/2(2)


Wojtera N: »This is water«. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-2-03.

Research Articles (peer reviewed)

Meyer M: Texture & Text. Knots and bindings in The Green Henry of Gottfried Keller. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-2-47.

Fogolin A: The use of education guidance and information sources in the run-up to booking a continuing or higher education course by distance learning in the context of vocational training - Results of an online survey. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-2-58.

Kwiatkowski B: Effect on care workers when caring for residents who are limited in their everyday capabilities - Comparison of several measuring points in a pilot study. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-2-78.

Work Report

Haselhorst A: 90 years old and no loss of attractiveness – The promotion procedure for PhDs in Germany. urn:nbn:de:0253-2010-2-65.

URL: http://www.nachwuchswissenschaftler.org/2010/2/

URN: nbn:de:0253-2010-24