Full Issue 2013-2015/8(1)


Jeserich F (2015): Research proposals welcome! Towards the promotion of a neglected scientific writing genre.

Research Articles (peer reviewed)

Ebbinghaus M, Gerhards C (2013): Training place vacancies of companies and their flexibility with qualifications profile of newly recruited trainees

Roedenbeck, MRH (2014): Spirituality in a business environment: An explorative pilot study on practicing shamanism

Proposal (peer reviewed)

Jeserich, F & Stausberg,M (2015): Making sense of July 22nd: Outcomes of secular and religious/spiritual reappraisal and coping processes from a meaning-making perspective. A Research Proposal and its Evaluations

Work Report

Krause R, Haase M, Hatscher B, Herzog M A, Goutrié C (2013): DiTAG: A Digital-Analog Board Game Interface

URL: http://www.nachwuchswissenschaftler.org/2015/1/